Nelson Mandela Bay Giants won the match
First Innings
Batsman R B SR WPA
BM Duckett1610160.00.140
M Marais2010200.00.123
CH Morris1510150.00.062
JT Smuts2116131.20.055
HG Kuhn5436150.00.048
AM Phangiso020.0-0.061
C Jonker2323100.0-0.064
SSB Magala2450.0-0.071
RS Second7977.8-0.090

Bowler O R W Econ WPA
D Paterson4.02626.500.144
D Wiese4.02416.000.059
T Shamsi4.02917.25-0.035
AK Markram1.015015.00-0.059
BC Fortuin4.03328.25-0.121
TL Moreki3.035111.67-0.129
Second Innings
Batsman R B SR WPA
AK Markram5039128.20.169
D Paterson3560.00.000
BC Fortuin2366.70.000
T Shamsi11100.00.000
TL Moreki2728.60.000
D Wiese1816112.5-0.017
M Mosehle151693.8-0.033
PE Kruger71070.0-0.057
F du Plessis76116.7-0.079
H Davids76116.7-0.087
VB van Jaarsveld6875.0-0.201

Bowler O R W Econ WPA
JT Smuts3.01735.670.361
CJ Dala2.01115.500.204
AM Phangiso4.02105.250.038
SSB Magala3.31734.86-0.065
CH Morris3.02528.33-0.112
Imran Tahir4.02917.25-0.122
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